Working with Systemic Family Constellations enables the resolution of hidden dynamics that originate in the family history.

Systemic family constellations work was pioneered by Bert Hellinger who discovered that many individuals' issues/illnesses/ behaviours etc., can be connected or related to family patterns? Most of the patterns are unconscious and linked to events within the family that disturb the harmony of the family system even in the present day.
Family Constellations draw upon therapeutic systems such as: Gestalt, Family Sculpting, Primal Therapy and Transactional Analysis but also incorporate elements from tribal cultures and other practices that reflect the values most societies cherish: love and respect, rituals of giving and receiving, loyalty to shared history, ways of belonging to families and groups, and recognising the power of ancestry, the relationship between the living and the dead and the influence of trans-generational respect, loyalty and memory.
Hellinger recognised that everyone has a place within the system of the family and that it is important for all members to be seen for harmony and balance to exist in the system. Solutions to systemic problems can arise when respect, inclusion and reconciliation are present, love and respect are resurrected, and when impediments are identified and released or reconciled for the ancestral system.

Events with great influence on family patterns:

Participation in a Family Constellation is invitational, without opinion or judgement. Its physical and phenomenological practices enable clients to literally "see" the complex dynamics of their family history and to physically and emotionally experience the process of balancing the system. Participants have the possibility to be a representative, to have their own constellation or just be there as a representative/witness/participant.

What are the burdens that we carry? What are the obstacles that confront us?

Family Constellations take us on a respectful and truly profound voyage where the history and origins of issues can be resolved, and moved through. They can bring shifts to the way things are at the moment, to enable individuals to be more available to their own future and in their own lives and freed from systemic entanglements otherwise binding them.
Everyone can find greater peace and presence, when they succeed in their personal lives and working lives, and fulfil their true potential.

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